Our seeds

Our seeds take center stage when designing our range of plantable SproutWorld pencils and makeup liners. Below are the seeds we use in our products. Click on the plants below to discover more about them in our handy planting guide. You'll find out how easy they are to grow, how long they take to germinate, and when best to plant them. You'll also find tips on what you can do with the plants once they've grown.

Sourcing seeds

At SproutWorld, we have a holistic approach to sustainability. We're aware we have a responsibility to protect flora and fauna at the destinations we ship to. When we ship outside of Europe, we're in close dialogue with the Danish Agricultural Agency regarding specific seed regulations. Furthermore, we inform our B2B customers that they are obliged to check local regulations. In Europe, there's a harmonized seed legislation. All our seeds for our European production are bought from European suppliers. We have production sites in Europe and USA and do our best to source seeds locally.