Think circular, think second life

We can all be more imaginative about how we redefine and repurpose products at the end of their life. Instead of thinking in a straight line, we need to start thinking circular. Rather than depleting our resources and creating more waste, let’s turn our waste into resources. Once a product is used up or no longer fit for its original purpose, let's make the effort to think about how we can give it a second life.

If you’re recycling, upcycling, buying pre-loved clothing, or being inventive with food scraps, you’re already thinking with a second life, zero-waste mindset. It may not seem like much but making a conscious choice to do one thing every day that’s better for the environment, adds up. Once you start, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to develop greener habits in your daily life. What climate positive action will you take today?

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