The original plantable pencil

We’ve designed a sustainable pencil that can be planted. Our award-winning pencils are natural, carbon neutral and produce minimum waste. They also have a seed capsule at the end so when you’ve finished using your pencils, you can plant the stubs and watch them sprout into flowers, herbs, vegetables, and even trees.

You can pick the seeds you want and design your own pencils. Or you can buy our special edition packs, that come in boxes of 5, 8 and 32. Our pencils make a brilliant choice for pencil cases, gifts, weddings, baby showers, and other special occasions.

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Say goodbye to plastic pens

Pass on the plastic pens and embrace our eco-friendly, natural pencils that grow into plants. Gorgeous to look at, great to use, and good for the planet! Inspire others to be conscious consumers and think circular. It’s the natural thing to do! Not only that, you can add your personal style to them with your own unique design.


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