Coca-Cola Italy

Coca-Cola Italy

Engraved basil pencils on single cards.

Giveaway when launching Coca Cola Life.

The Sprout pencil contributes with a lot of engagement and innovation.


The story

We used the Sprout pencil as a giveaway when launching the new Coca-Cola Life in Italy. We chose the Sprout pencil because it was totally aligned with the philosophy of Coca-Cola Life: Naturalness.

The Sprout pencil has contributed with a lot of engagement and innovation among our consumers, and everyone has been very enthusiastic.

I have even received pictures of basil plants grown by children that got some of our pencils – so cute!

I will definitely use Sprout products again and I already recommended them to a colleague who will develop a similar promotion.

Valentina Gandini,
National Account Manager, Coca-Cola, Italy

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