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Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)

SproutWorld pencils on single cards

As a gift for guests during Circular City Week in New York

To showcase a Danish circular solution


The story

In May 2022, 10,000 participants joined USA’s biggest circular economy festival called Circular City Week in New York. Organized by the Confederation of Danish Industry in the US, the festival included over 115 events, 250 speakers, and a bunch of plantable SproutWorld pencils!

With the circular economy as the main theme, what could be a more relevant giveaway than SproutWorld pencils?

We talked to Mille Munksgaard, Senior Advisor at the Confederation of Danish Industry in the US, about the event and the use of SproutWorld pencils.




What did you use SproutWorld pencils for?

SproutWorld pencils were used as a fun, innovative, and creative way to showcase a Danish circular solution. The pencils were used as giveaways for all the events at the Nordic Circular Space and exhibition and for several workshops.

Circular City Week is North America’s largest circular economy festival hosted and founded by the Confederation of Danish Industry in the US. 2022 was the fourth consecutive year celebrating Circular City Week, with 115 events being held throughout the week, with more than 250 speakers and 10,000 participants. Partners within the circular economy from all around the world and across all sectors participate in Circular City Week both online and in-person, and as participants and event hosts.

Why are SproutWorld pencils a good match for DI and the event?

SproutWorld pencils are a good match, given the circular economy focus. They’re a great example of a Danish company contributing to the green transition through an innovative circular solution. Also, as DI is the founder of North America’s largest circular economy festival, we need to talk the talk, and SproutWorld pencils are a great feature for the events.

What was the reaction to the pencils?

Participants were excited about the pencils and the new way of thinking about the life of a pencil. Not only do the pencils contribute to the transition from a linear economy to a circular one, but they’re multi-functional and grow into herbs you can use in cooking!. This extends the longevity of the pencil and works as a product that is capable of being used for more than it is designed for.

Which message did you want to send with the pencils?

With SproutWorld pencils, we wanted to send the message that Danish companies are frontrunners for innovative ideas and new ways of incorporating circularity in business models – no matter the sector and the product.

How is DI (and the purpose of the event) linked with sustainability?

Circular City Week’s purpose is to activate the circular transition of society across borders and industries. We believe that knowledge sharing and collaboration are crucial to reaching unilateral sustainability goals. This week acts as a platform to inspire and teach how we together can accelerate the green transition. No one knows everything, but together we know a lot.

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