Promoting a green message

A digital presence is a must, but if you want to be noticed by a wide audience you need branded promotional items. There’s a vast array of promotional items for you to choose from, but not all are good for the environment. See how sustainable promotional items can help support the growth of your business while also growing a green mindset. Our unique promotional products carry a green message.

Benefit from promotional business items

Growing a successful and profitable business partly means being more recognizable than your competitors. Digital marketing is great at building a presence online. However, if you want to be known as a market leader, you need to combine both digital and traditional forms of marketing, particularly promotional business items.

Here are some reasons why you should include promotional items in your marketing plans:

1. Promotional items are amazing at boosting your brand’s visibility as they’re placed around the office and picked up and used by different departments.

2. A recognizable brand name builds a feeling of trust and credibility, which results in people being more open to buying from you.

3. Use marketing promotional items that add value to the user. Pencils make ideal promotional items as they’re longer lasting than plastic promotional pens.

4. Promotional items with logos are incredibly versatile and are a cost-effective way of promoting your business. They can be used for direct mail, as giveaways, to visitors or as prizes for competitions.

Surprise your customers with Sprout products

You could choose to purchase the standard type of promotional items. Or, by opting for unique promotional items, you’ll really stand out from your competitors. Here’s what our customers say about our pencils:

“An innovation, something new and fresh” – La Meridien, Vienna.

“The Sprout pencil combines two untraditional things: a plant and a pencil. This is why you remember it” - Marlene Rimmen from Pressalit, a manufacturer of solutions for kitchens and bathrooms.

Write, plant and grow

Sprout pencils are popular across the globe. Created by three MIT students, Sprout’s founder Michael Stausholm came across a pencil with seeds on the Kickstarter website. Recognizing its huge potential as a sustainable alternative to plastic pens, Michael bought the rights and that was the start of our exciting journey.

The plantable Sprout pencil makes great unique promotional items, as once the user is finished with the pencil it can be planted and grow into luscious flowers, fresh herbs, tasty vegetables and even spruce trees. As we like to say, “Sprout pencils are a gift that keeps on giving.”

What makes Sprout pencils special? For starters all our plantable pencils are made from sustainably harvested wood. This means we only use wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. Secondly, the seeds which are contained in the plant-based seed capsule are non-GMO – this means they’re cultivated through natural pollination and not grown in a laboratory.

Make plantable pencils your own

As well as selling directly to customers, the plantable Sprout pencil is available as custom promotional items – you can choose to engrave or color print your company logo or message onto the pencil. Color engraving isn’t a replacement for engraving; it’s an alternative for organizations who wish to see their logo or message displayed in their brand colors. Please note, color printing is currently only available in Europe, but we’re working flat-out to make it available in the US too.

As well as having the option to customize the pencil, you can also choose to gift the pencils on personalized packaging. Single cards and display boxes that hold three or five pencils can be customized with your company logo and message. These packaging options are a delightful extra way to present your customized plantable Sprout pencils. 😊

Promotional items ideas for people who are serious about sustainability

The benefits of promotional items for business are clear, particularly promotional items that carry a message of sustainability. You may be thinking about how you can get the maximum return from your Sprout promotional items?

We’ve thought hard and have come up with some promotional items ideas that you may wish to use yourself:

Competition prizes

People love knowing they’ve won a competition. So, as part of a social media competition or a competition held at an exhibition, include customized promotional items that have a sustainable message as part of the prize.

Giveaways at exhibitions

Exhibitions are busy places and guests visit many stands. To entice people to your stand and to make it easier for them to remember your business, giveaway promotional items with logo. Your company logo can be engraved on the plantable Sprout pencil and printed onto the Sprout Spoon.

Launch new products

Are you planning on launching an exciting new product and you want promotional items that support your green ethos? Then, choose Sprout products, just like Coca-Cola, Italy did when they were launching Coca-Cola Life in Italy.

As the National Account Manager for Coca Cola, Italy said: “We chose the Sprout pencil because it was totally aligned with the philosophy of Coca-Cola Life: naturalness.”

Launch company initiatives

Raise awareness of company initiatives with your employees by gifting them with a plantable Sprout pencil. Our pencils are perfect for supporting sustainable campaigns. IKEA, Belgium, gave away engraved Sprout pencils on single card to their staff to launch their sustainability report.

Our Plant A Tree is proving to be hugely popular and is the pencil of choice for organizations who are looking to raise awareness of their company’s Plant A Tree initiative.

Never be without sustainable promotional items

Since 2013, Sprout has worked with incredible international companies and organizations to supply sustainable promotional items for events including conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, product launches and team-building events. Our products prove to be so popular that many businesses find they need to order more.

We’re happy to say that we’re able to offer the plantable Sprout pencil as bulk orders. Speak to us to find out more.