Unique hostess gifts

Whether the occasion is an informal dinner party with good friends or something more formal, it is custom to bring a small gift to the host or hostess. So instead of bringing the usual bottle of wine or bunch of flowers, you may consider a unique hostess gift. If you need inspiration for a creative gift, read here where we focus on Sprout pencil – a multifunctional gift.

Plantable pencils are unique hostess gifts

A pencil may sound a bit tedious, and you are certain you can think of far more creative and unique hostess gifts.
However, our Sprout pencil is so much more than just a traditional pencil. All Sprout pencils contain a non-GMO plant seed which is encapsulated in a biodegradable seed capsule at the bottom of the pencil. Bury the stub in a pot with good compost when the pencil has done its duty as a writing utensil, and enjoy watching fragrant herbs, beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables sprouting from the seed capsule.

100 percent sustainability to the creative hostess

Most people appreciate plants, and therefore the Sprout pencil is an obvious choice for most hostesses. At the same time, the pencil is an ideal gift to the hostess who prioritizes sustainability and the environment. The Sprout pencil is made of non-toxic and biodegradable materials, and as it gets is own new life, it is 100 percent sustainable.

If the hostess is the creative type who likes to draw or write, you the pencil has a dual purpose. The Sprout pencil is made of quality material that provides a good writing and drawing experience. In short, Sprout pencils are sustainable, versatile and unique hostess gifts.

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