Conscious beauty

SproutWorld is committed to creating innovative cosmetics with a second life and minimal waste. Our plantable beauty products are born of the desire to inspire the world to think and be greener, one small step at a time. We’re proud to be a member of the B Corp™ Beauty Coalition, committed to social and environmental responsibility.

Makeup that defines more than your eyes

We’ve developed the world’s first plantable makeup liners, that are both kind to you and kind to the planet. With their unique circular design, our makeup liners have the chance of a new life as wildflowers once you’ve finished using them. Just plant the seed capsule into soil and watch it blossom into gorgeous, bee-friendly wildflowers.


Made from natural ingredients

Our natural, ethically sourced cosmetics are made in collaboration with a leading European vendor within the beauty industry, guaranteeing quality products with great results.

Developed using a vegan formula and without microplastics, our high-quality eyeliners and browliner are color intense, and have a rich, creamy, easy-to-apply texture.


Makeup liners


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