The original plantable Sprout pencil

Yes, you read that right. Sprout’s pencils can be planted after you’ve used them and they grow into herbs, flowers, vegetables and even spruce trees.

The idea behind this unique item is that if you can upgrade a pencil so it has a second life as a plant, what other small changes can you make in your everyday life to be more sustainable?

Planting a pencil is not just about celebrating the glory of plants and making the unusual possible, it’s also a step on the path to zero waste living, and considering the full life cycle of anything you use.

This innovative idea is making a big impact, with over 40 million pencils sold across 80 countries.


Tell your company’s story with our personalized pencils

By planting a pencil, you’re growing more than a new plant, you’re helping to grow a green mindset that challenges the norm and that looks at how things can be reused instead of thrown away.

For orders of 500 or more pencils, you have the option of customizing your Sprout pencils with your organization’s logo and message. These details can either be engraved or color printed (currently only available to EU countries) onto the pencils. Both options give a high-quality finish that replicates your brand.

Customized plantable Sprout pencils are ideal eco-alternatives to plastic promotional pens and can also act as green conversations starters at trade shows, seminars and conferences. If you’re an ecommerce business you can sell your customized Sprout pencils in your store or online shop.




Tell your own story and make it as personal as you like

Don’t need 500 pencils? No problem. For smaller orders from 30 to 400 pencils you can order personalized Sprout pencils that feature your own special message.

Personalized pencils can feature your logo (if you’re a company) and your message. There are 20 different fonts to choose from and lots of icons as well. Businesses like to use personalized Sprout pencils as an alternative to traditional business cards. You’re sure to be remembered with a business card that sprouts into a plant!

Eco-conscious individuals can also use personalized Sprout pencils as green accessories for baby showers, weddings and other special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

You Don’t Need Magic to Grow Plants from Pencils

There are no special hacks for growing plants from Sprout pencils. Just place the green seed capsule in soil, place the pot in sunlight and water frequently. It’s as simple as 1,2,3.


Gifts That Give Back

A gift that continues to give long past its use will raise a smile and act as a reminder that the small changes we make now can have a long-lasting positive impact. Here’s a selection of Sprout products you’ll find on our webshop.

The Original & Patented Plantable Pencil 

Plantable Sprout pencils are the world’s original and patented plantable pencils. When you buy a Sprout pencil, you know you’re getting a high-quality and safe product.

Sprout™ is a protected trademark.

Let’s talk

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Typical questions

Over the years, we’ve noticed that a pencil that turns into a plant is a sure-fire way to get people to ask questions. Here you’ll find the most common.

What are the SproutWorld pencils made of?

The SproutWorld pencil is a natural product made of certified wood sourced from responsibly managed forests graphite, clay, and a cellulose capsule with non-GMO seeds.

Does the SproutWorld pencil contain lead?

No. In fact, it’s a myth that pencils contain lead as lead hasn’t been used in any pencils since Roman times! The SproutWorld pencil is 100% natural and non-toxic. It’s made of certified wood sourced from responsibly managed forests,graphite, clay and non-GMO seeds.

Can I get my pencils personalized?

Most definitely! You have the option to personalize SproutWorld pencils on orders from 10 to 400 pencils. Your message will be expertly printed onto your pencils. Personalized pencils make fantastic giveaways at weddings, baby showers and they can also be used as ‘green’ business cards.
Businesses and organizations are able to customize SproutWorld pencils with their logo and message on orders of 500 + plus pencils. You can choose to have your message engraved or color printed (currently only available to businesses in the EU). Packaging options, like our single card or sleeve can be customized with your logo or message

Can I get the plant name engraved in my own language?

Absolutely – you can engrave SproutWorld pencils with any text or design if you order a minimum of 500 pencils. Contact us to find out more about customization options.

What can SproutWorld pencils be used for?

SproutWorld pencils are popular with adults and children of all ages and make great gifts. In a business context, they’re an ideal promotional gift for launches, kick-off meetings, seminars, conferences, and teambuilding events – as well as a good alternative to plastic pens. See how other organizations and businesses have used SproutWorld pencils.

Are SproutWorld pencils available in different colors?

Yes, they come in eight colors and graphite. Each color has its own plant variant. See the product catalog for more details.

Where are the SproutWorld pencils produced?

We have production sites in Europe in Lodz, Poland and in Minnesota in the US. These sites manufacture and ship original and patented SproutWorld pencils to our green-fingered creative customers all over the world.

Can I plant my pencils all year around?

Yes, you can plant your pencils all year around. They usually require sunlight, so we recommend that you place your pots by a window. How quick your plant will germinate depends on the variety of plant. You can visit our greenhouse for growing instructions for each seed.

Can SproutWorld pencils grow both outdoors and indoors?

Yes. It depends on the plant variant and the season. Visit the SproutWorld greenhouse for more details.

How long does it take for my pencil to germinate?

That depends on the plant variant. One of our fastest and most popular variants is basil, which germinates between five and ten days after planting. In just two weeks, you can have a pot of fresh basil. Learn more about the different seed types in the SproutWorld greenhouse.

What happens to the pencil stub once it's planted?

The pencil stub basically functions as a name tag for the seed type of your pencil. It’s 100% biodegradable and will decompose if buried.

Does the pencil affect the taste of the plant?

No. The pencil stub has absolutely no impact on the new plant.

Why do my pencils have different wood tones?

The SproutWorld pencil is a natural product. We make our pencils out of different wood types, which can vary in tone but even for the same wood type different trees may vary in color.
Though the wood tones or colors may vary from order to order, we assure you that the quality is always the same.

Are SproutWorld pencils safe for children?

All SproutWorld pencils are non-toxic, sustainable and are produced using certified wood from responsibly managed forests. The capsule is made from cellulose which is a plant-based material. The capsule contains a bit of wood flour and non-GMO seeds and is completely harmless if ingested – although it won’t taste great!
The product is EN71-3 approved. EN-71 is a safety standard certificate which proves that the SproutWorld pencil is safe and harmless for children. We do recommend keeping pencils away from children aged 0-3 years.

Why would you want to plant a pencil?

The idea is to plant the pencil stub when it’s too short to write or color with. This gives it a new lease on life, instead of being thrown away. The SproutWorld pencil becomes a symbol of sustainability.

Why is the SproutWorld pencil patented?

The SproutWorld patent is your guarantee that when you buy an original SproutWorld plantable pencil your pencil meets the highest standards of quality and is non-toxic and sustainably sourced and produced.

The SproutWorld original patented plantable pencil is a patented product under e.g., US patent no. 9,643,447 and EP patent no. EP2885136. The SproutWorld pencil is patent granted or patent pending in all major regions and countries including but not limited to USA, Canada, Europe, Turkey, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea etc.
Design, functionality as well as technology is patent protected. The patents cover all writing instruments you can plant including but not limited to pencils, ballpens, makeup and brushes. Sprout™ is a protected trademark.