Sustainable business gifts for clients

Business gifts for your clients can be an effective way of showing them that you appreciate them – and it can turn out to be very good business. In times of increasing consumer responsibility, corporate social responsibility is worthwhile when you choose the right business gifts for your clients and give sustainable business gifts for your clients.


We at Sprout believe in sustainability. That is why we present our humble way of preserving nature – a sustainable pencil made of natural materials that sprout and turn into beautiful flowers, delicious vegetables or fragrant herbs when you plant it in a flower box.

Above all, the Sprout pencil is a pencil, which is why it is made of high-quality graphite which gives it a longer life and a good writing experience. However, when the pencil is too short to write with, your customers can enjoy watching the seed in the embedded, biodegradable seed capsule at the bottom of the pencil turn into new life.


Sprout pencils come in 8 different colors, and with a wide palette of non-GMO quality seeds, it is easy for your customers to transform the pencil into plants after use. If you really want your customers to remember your company while watching the seeds sprout, we can engrave the Sprout pencils with your company logo.

Corporations such as Ikea, Coca-Cola and Toyota have already used Sprout pencils as business gifts for their clients and contributed to spreading sustainability to the world.

If your company wants to spread your green message by using sustainable business gifts for your clients? Contact Sprout and learn more. Or read our catalog and find inspiration for a unique variety of Sprout pencils that are tailored for your particular company.