Start a conversation with custom promotional items

Use custom promotional items to grab the buyer’s attention and to start a conversation about how your business can benefit from them. Promotional items that are branded with your logo and message create a lasting memory of your brand, which increases the chances of people buying from you in the future.

Yet not all customized promotional items are made equal – a large majority contain plastic, which isn’t fantastic! See how plantable Sprout pencils can raise awareness of your business while also showing that you take sustainability seriously.

Is there value in promotional items?

The world is digitally driven but promotional items still have their place in driving awareness of your brand. Whereas an online advert or a social media post will hold a person’s attention for a few seconds. Promotional items can be kept and used for much longer – months or even years after someone has received them.

There are stats to suggest that 85% of people who receive a promotional item then go on to buy from the company. That’s incredible, and if you need proof that there’s value in promotional items, this is it.

Yet, some promotional items are more successful than others. When choosing custom promotional items for our business, pick ones that are useful, like pencils, for instance.

Put sustainability first

Do you know that a staggering 135 million plastic pens are made every day? As most plastic pens aren’t recyclable, that’s billions of tonnes of plastic that ends up in landfills each year.
Harmful waste seeps into the earth from this rotting rubbish. And, landfills also emit a huge amount of methane and CO2, which are some of the contributing causes of global warming.

By choosing to use plantable pencils instead of plastic pens for your customized promotional items, in a small way, you’re helping to reduce plastic waste and to grow more plants.

Each plantable Sprout pencil contains non-GMO seeds that can grow into herbs, flowers, vegetables and even trees when the pencils are no longer usable. It’s super easy to turn your pencil into a planet:

1. Fill a pot with soil
2. Plant the pencil at an angle of 30 degrees – making sure the seed capsule is covered in soil
3. Place the pot in natural sunlight
4. Water often
5. With a few weeks, shoots will start to sprout

Ideas on how to use your customized Sprout pencils

Whether you want to attract visitors to your conference or expo stand or are looking for eco-friendly customized promotional items to include in your gift bag, our plantable pencils are the perfect conversation starter.

Plantable Sprout pencils are unique, fun and most importantly, they’re a minimal waste product. Everyone who receives a plantable pencil remembers where they got it and who gifted it to them.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Sprout pencils:

“Our sales team is pleased to hand out the pencils at customer meetings. And the feedback has been very enthusiastic.” – Arla Foods Ingredients

“They look like normal pencils, but they can do so much more. I personally use them in my plant pots at home.” – Toyota Denmark A/S

“Sprout pencils are an innovation -something new and fresh.” – Le Meridien, Vienna

How to order your customized Sprout pencils

We know that you’re busy, so we’ve made the process of ordering customized plantable Sprout pencils easy.

First, decide what type of pencil you want; graphite or color, sharpened or unsharpened. Yes, we’ll even sharpen the pencils for you (at an additional cost). Next, choose what seed you want; there’s a range of herbs and flowers, vegetables and even a tree seed.

Now it’s time to choose how you want to customize your pencils. The standard option involves just the seed name been engraved on the pencil. Where with the personalized option, you can have your company logo and a message engraved or color printed (available in the EU only at present) onto the pencil.

Then it’s time to decide if you gift the pencils on their own or choose to display them on single card or in display boxes. The choice is yours.

Once you’re 100% certain of what you want, get in touch with our sales team for an order form.

Make a lasting connection with customized promotional items

We love it when a business decides to use branded plantable Sprout pencils for their customized promotional items. It means fewer plastic pens are used, more plants being grown and more people taking a step towards living a sustainable lifestyle.

Since 2013 we’ve worked with thousands of businesses to create branded pencils that are given away at conferences, trade fairs, expos or that are gifted to visitors to attractions, cafes or hotels. We can’t wait to work with you too!

If you want to talk about the different customization options or if you’ve got a question about placing an order, our friendly team is here to help.