Real Leaders Top Impact Companies

Real Leaders is an American community for impact-leaders backed by a global media platform dedicated to driving positive change

SproutWorld has been selected to be among the most impact-and purpose driven companies in the world. The award they won is called Real Leaders Impact Award 2024. It’s a recognition given to companies that use their business to make a positive difference both socially and environmentally.

SproutWorld has been selected because of the positive impact we make both socially and environmentally while doing business. Creating zero waste products like plantable pencils and makeup, being B Corp certified and prioritizing sustainability beyond what is expected are some of the reasons behind the nomination.

The winners have been announced in the Real Leaders Magazine that released their Spring issue in January 2024. The magazine is full of inspiration on how companies and people make an impact with their business.

"It’s a great honor to be selected as one the most purpose driven companies in the world. It proves that purpose matters and that smaller companies like ours can serve as an inspiration for others"

Michael Stausholm, CEO SproutWorld