Providing for pollinators and improving the planet

As we advocate for a focus on biodiversity, we urge companies to value pollinators as integral to their profit strategy alongside employees, vendors, and stakeholders, fostering a holistic approach to meet our collective responsibility.

Realizing the importance of biodiversity and understanding the inevitable part pollinators play in nature, modern companies can profit while maintaining positive relationships with employees, vendors, communities, stakeholders – and the planet.


People, purpose, profit & pollinators

Viewing pollinators as stakeholders, and recognizing their impact and value is essential for sustainable and healthy businesses.
Enabling the growth of the food that sustains us all, they play an indispensable role. Without their diligent work, no business would be able to fulfill its purpose or make a profit.

Our plantable pencils encapsulate both the seeds and the message to spread awareness and improve biodiversity. Investing
in our business’s future success and survival means
creating the best environment possible for our most important
stakeholders, the pollinators.


Let your message take root and grow with SproutWorld

Write your story while sowing the seeds of sustainability with every stroke. As your audience uses and eventually plants their pencil stubs, they witness your commitment to environmental stewardship firsthand.

Being more than a simple writing instrument, plantable pencils not only turn into living plants improving local biodiversity, they also turn intentions into actions.

Put focus on pollinators:

Urban biodiversity is the heartbeat of our cities, fueling ecosystems and enhancing our quality of life. It ensures clean air and water, healthy and fertile soil, and the pollination of the crops we rely on. We depend on biodiversity to fight climate change and minimize the risk of natural disasters. Understanding the impact of organism extinction is crucial to our existence.

As businesses, we hold the key to improving and progressing this vital diversity by activating pollinator-positive initiatives. Fostering green spaces, supporting native plantings, and spreading awareness are some of the ways companies can ensure a thriving environment for generations to come.

Together, let’s cultivate a future where every buzzing bee and fluttering butterfly finds a home in our urban landscapes.




Write your company pollinator strategy

Incorporate pollinators into your business strategy by embracing pollinator-positive initiatives, such as creating bee-friendly habitats, supporting native plantings, or even sponsoring educational campaigns.

Not only does this enhance biodiversity, it also strengthens your connection with eco-conscious consumers while boosting community engagement and fostering a healthier planet for generations to come.