Promotional pens vs. pencils – Which is the best?

People’s minds are flooded with thousands of pieces of information each day. This means your business has to work extra hard for people to remember your name. Customised promotional pens have long been used to build brand visibility. But, as these tend to be made from non-recyclable plastic that’s damaging to the environment, we felt a better alternative must be out there. And we’ve got it – the plantable Sprout pencil!

Do promotional pens have value?

Giving away promotional items to existing customers, to guests at conferences or to visitors to your business is an easy way to create brand awareness. Items that are functional, like custom promotional pens can be used around the office or by employees who go out-and-about visiting customers.

The downside of promotional pens is that when they’re no longer usable they end up in landfills. This is because most promotional pens contain elements that aren’t recyclable. So, ‘Yes’ by using promotional pens your business will benefit from increased brand exposure but this comes at a big cost to the health of the planet.

Pencils are the perfect substitute for promotional pens

If you hate the idea of promotional pens rotting away in landfills as much as we do, then you’ll love our plantable Sprout pencil.

The plantable Sprout pencil is utterly unique as once it’s too short to use it can be planted to grow into luscious flowers, tasty herbs or fresh vegetables, bringing joy to people in the office or at home. We like to say that the plantable Sprout pencil is a promotional gift that keeps on giving.

Made from sustainably harvested wood which means every time a tree is cut down to make our pencils another is planted to replace it, the plantable Sprout pencil also contains writing material that’s made from non-toxic graphite and clay. This provides our pencils with a fluid writing motion. And, unlike pens, you can quickly sharpen the pencil before going into a meeting so you can jot down all the important points. Unlike with pens that can run dry at any moment.

Put your name on a promotional gift that’s worthy of it

When choosing a promotional gift, you want to have the option to personalize it. Just like promotional pens with custom logo design we’re really excited to say that the plantable Sprout pencil can be customized with your logo and message.

As standard, plantable Sprout pencils come with ‘Sprout’ and the name of the seed engraved on it, and you can choose to have your logo and message also engraved. Or, for customers in Europe, you also have the option of having these details added with color print that uses non-toxic dyes.

Bring extra visibility to your message by presenting your customized plantable Sprout pencils on single cards. Or choose to gift three or five plantable Sprout pencils in display boxes.

We know it’s important that the design of your promotional gift reflects your brand, so to ensure the design of your plantable Sprout pencils is perfect we’ve created some helpful templates for your graphic designer to work with.

We’re not alone in saying pencils are great

Of course, we’re going to say our customizable plantable Sprout pencil is better than promotional pens with logo. What about others? Do they agree? Well, yes, they do!

Companies across the globe in different industries choose to use the plantable Sprout pencil instead of promotional pens as giveaways and gifts. Here are some names you may recognize:



Guess Europe used plantable Sprout pencils on single cards as a gift for people who made a purchase from their ECO Denim campaign – a program to encourage people to recycle their old and worn out pieces of clothing.

“The Sprout pencil is natural, sustainable and has a strong recycling message.” – Guess, Europe



Toyota wanted to present their employees and visitors with a gift that matched their company values. They decided on the plantable Sprout pencil on a single card as it has a positive impact on the planet. Plus, they’re a fun gift to receive.

The plantable Sprout pencil was a big favorite with everyone – “They look like normal pencils, but they can do so much more. I personally use them in my plant pots at home.” – Frank C. Okoisor, Toyota Denmark


Le Meridien

If you visit Le Meridien in Vienna, you may be gifted with a plantable Sprout pencil on a single card as a ‘Thank You’ for staying at the hotel.

“It’s an innovation – something new and fresh, just like our hotel is: young spirit, fully renovated, modern and up to date.” – Mara Geusau, Le Meridien Vienna

Sustainably the best

Promotional pens are low cost, but this can also mean they’re low quality. Plus, they’re damaging to the environment. Support your company’s CSR and make the swap to promotional pencils with the plantable Sprout pencil.

Customizing the pencil and packaging is easy and the ordering process is seamless. But, if you do have any questions, we’re here to answer them.