At SproutWorld, we feel passionately about planting trees. Trees are the foundation of life on Earth. They're beautiful to look at, fun to hang from, and do an enormous amount of good for the environment.

It’s why we created our spruce pencil. Like our other seeds, it allows us to give back to nature, but we especially loved the idea of being able to grow a tree from a pencil made with wood from a tree. It’s a very clear representation of how circularity can work. And a useful tool in raising awareness of environmental and sustainability issues.

You can purchase our spruce pencils in two ways: in our Plant a tree edition or as a custom order of spruce pencils.


We chose the Norwegian Spruce [picea abies] because it can grow and survive in different climates and importantly, its seeds can fit inside our seed capsule. Belonging to the pine family, the Norwegian Spruce is native to the northern hemisphere. They are fast growers and on average reach 40 to 60 feet tall. In Japan, they’re a popular choice for bonsai trees. Mainly though, spruce trees are associated with Christmas.


As the biggest plants on the planet, trees soak up toxins and store carbon while releasing oxygen. Here are some more reasons why we love trees:

• Trees are important for biodiversity. They provide food, home and shelter for wildlife.
• Trees help reduce flooding. Their branches slow down rainwater and their roots reduce soil erosion.
• Trees are nature's best tool to fight climate change. They produce oxygen, provide shade and lower local air temperature through transpiration.
• Trees improve our health and wellbeing. They reduce air pollution, lower stress and, boost mood.

Trees are terrific and the more trees we have, the better life is for everyone. Our spruce plantable pencils can help raise awareness about the benefits of trees and help support ‘give a tree’ initiatives.

Plan A Tree Edition

Our Plant A Tree Edition contains 5 graphite pencils made from sustainably harvested wood and spruce seeds in a cellulose capsule tip. There’s an inspirational tree-themed quote engraved on each pencil to remind you of the value of trees to our planet. Once you’ve used up your pencils, plant the pencil stub and then tend to your spruce plants until they grow (back) into trees.


For businesses and organizations who want to send a visible message about sustainability, our spruce pencils are a perfect choice. They offer powerful symbolism around growth, nature, nurture, and circularity. They tell a story about you, your values, how you operate, what you care about, and how you treat others.
Plant a green mindset with your guests, customers, and partners with spruce pencils. You can customize pencils with your choice of logo and message to make a bigger and longer lasting impact. Customized spruce pencils have many uses.

For instance:
• Giveaways at internal events e.g. release of annual CSR/ESG report, employee engagement survey
• Attracting people to your stand at conferences, exhibitions, or trade shows
• Eye-catching business cards
• Minimum waste gifts for customers, event goodie bags, promotional campaigns
• As part of a company ‘Give A Tree’ initiative


As part of our mission to give back to nature more than we take, in March 2023 we began planting a 12,000-tree mixed coniferous forest in Poland, at a site close to where we produce many of our pencils.
This sustainability initiative is part of the Forest Carbon Farms project, in cooperation with the Polish State Forests. The goal is to expand forest area in Poland though reforestation and afforestation, and to promote greater biodiversity of forest species.

Plant A Tree and leave a lasting legacy

Trees are the earth’s lungs, and there’s no better way to grow a tree than from a pencil that has come to the end of its life. A pencil can create drawings or doodles or it can be used to make important business notes. And, as a Spruce tree, it provides a home for nature as well as supplying oxygen to sustain life.

Leave a lasting legacy by gifting a Plant A Tree Edition to your family and friends or buy a pack for yourself to enjoy at home! As an organization consider customizing the Plant A Tree pencil with your logo and message and using them as giveaways or gifts at exhibitions, conferences or internal events.