Southenergy, an Italian company specializing in providing renewable energy solutions since 2008

Customized SproutWorld pencil on cards

The pencils were handed out at Key Energy, a global renewable energy trade fair in Italy

The SproutWorld pencil is sustainable, long-lasting, and in line with their values


The Story

We exhibited at the Key Energy Fair with a stand dedicated to renewable energies, in particular photovoltaic energy, that together with wind energy, represent our core business. We’ve been providing renewable energy solutions to Italian homes and businesses since 2008.

We stand for sustainability, respect for the environment, and work to raise public awareness of these issues. Together with our claim "the force of nature", these are values that the SproutWorld pencil represents.

All our stakeholders, at all levels, really appreciated our gift. They judged it to be consistent with the company and its vision, and also consistent with the theme of the fair itself. People were intrigued by the pencil.

Many visitors told us that they would send us pictures of their growing plants to thank us for our respectful gesture to the planet and nature.

Anastasia Moro,
Marketing and Communications Manager, Southenergy




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