Sustainable gifts for employees

Are you looking for ideas for sustainable corporate gift items for your employees for Christmas or a special occasion in your company? Or do you just want to show your employees that you appreciate them? If yes, we have the ideal gift idea – a pencil that sprouts and turns into vegetables, flowers or herbs when it can no longer be used to write or draw with.

Natural corporate gifts for your employees

For companies with a sustainable identity it can be a challenge to find corporate gift items for the employees they appreciate and contribute positively to sustainability at the same time. We at Sprout have created a simple but 100 percent sustainable corporate gift item to those companies – the Sprout pencil.

The Sprout pencil is a high-quality pencil that is made of non-toxic graphite and PEFC/FSC certified wood. Further, the pencil is produced under sustainable conditions, and naturally, it is 100 percent biodegradable in nature. However, it is not only the production and its materials that make the pencil more sustainable than most other corporate gift items for our employees.

When the Sprout pencil is too short to use as a writing or drawing utensil, your employees can plant the pencil stub and let colorful flowers, aromatic herbs or fresh vegetables sprout from the embedded seed capsule at the bottom of the pencil. So, the Sprout pencil is sustainable all the way from the production, through to its use as a writing utensil, until your employees harvest the sprouting crops.

Customized corporate gift items for employees

If you want to personalize your sustainable corporate gift items for your employees, Sprout pencil also delivers the pencils with logo or message of your own choice. Ikea in Belgium has already used Sprout pencils as corporate gifts that communicate their sustainable message – and your company can be next.
Read more about the choice of color, engraving and non-GMO plant seeds in our catalog or contact us if you want to learn more about our sustainable gift items for employees.

Still looking?

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