Our Sprout Spoon won an award!

We are extremely proud of our latest family member: The Sprout Spoon. It won an award in Italy last week!
The Sprout Spoon is the most innovative marketing product in Italy in 2019. Wow.
The award category is within Food & Beverage, and the organizer of the ceremony is the biggest Italian marketing media, MediaKey.

So, what’s so special about the Sprout Spoon?

Why not make a teabag and a spoon in one, so you can spare the environment for single use plastic spoons or stirrers when you order a tea to go?
This was the main idea behind the patented Sprout Spoon.
It took four years to develop a biodegradable spoon with an integrated teabag. Completely free of plastic, metal or artificial flavors. And so biodegradable that you can throw it directly into the composable bin after use.
The Sprout Spoon is customizable. It is ideal for companies, hotels and organizations that want to send a green message to their partners and clients.
For private consumers, it’s a conscious choice when you want to bring a tea on the go without creating plastic waste.


It comes in three tasteful tea variants:

Black tea with vanilla
Green tea with ginger & lemon
Herbal blend