Welcome to SproutWorld

Thank you for visiting SproutWorld. We hope you’re enjoying using our plantable products. ​

Here you can discover more about our products and business, and how to get the best results from planting our pencils. ​

About our products

Our plantable products are popular with children, adults, and businesses alike. Their appeal lies in their novel design that gives a simple pencil a second life. People love this fresher, greener alternative to disposable plastic pens. ​With their original circular design, our products reduce your environmental footprint and encourage more sustainable thinking. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do and how we do it.


Now you have your pencil, what now?

Firstly, use your pencil as much as possible. Then, when you’re close to the stub, plant it by following our planting instructions. Check out our Planting Guide to find out more about all our seeds and their preferred growing conditions.

For businesses

You can use SproutWorld plantable pencils to promote your company sustainably and share your green stories with pride. It’s a unique storyteller that opens up meaningful interactions and is guaranteed to make a lasting impression. ​

You can choose promotional items that reflect your company values in a way that gives you maximum brand impact and minimal environmental footprint. ​

You can customize SproutWorld products in a wide variety of ways. Contact our Sales Teams to find out more.


Our product range

Our product range includes: personalized pencils, pencil editions, makeup liners, and B2B custom solutions.