Grow your brand with promotional products

In a digitally driven world, of course, your business should focus on building a robust presence online, but in this busy space, it’s easy for your brand’s message to get lost. Custom promotional products that feature your logo or company name provide another way for your brand to get noticed.

The majority of promotional products are wholly or partially made of plastic. This isn’t fantastic for the planet as these products end up in landfills. Change to eco-friendly custom promotional products and show people that you care about sustainability. Corporate gifting gone green? You bet!

Give your digital presence a boost with custom promotional products

Whether you sell to other businesses or to individuals, custom promotional products provide a ‘tangible’ feel for your brand. A promotional product like a pencil can be picked up, looked at and used, which isn’t possible with digital marketing. Because of this, promotional products help to make a lasting memory of your brand.

Promotional products are a great way to support and increase the reach of a digital campaign. For instance, if you’re launching a new initiative for your brand and are promoting it online, giving away a custom promotional product in-store or at a trade fair bolsters awareness and creates interest.

While your competitors may be focused on driving sales with digital marketing, why not be different and choose to build your brand’s exposure with custom promotional products that are branded your company’s logo and message as well. You won’t regret it – businesses that us promotional products enjoy greater customer loyalty.

Bin plastic promotional products for sustainable alternatives

When looking at promotional products, the impact they have on the planet may not be your first thought. That’s understandable, as design, costs and ease of shipping may be your first concern. But with the health of the planet at a tipping point, it’s important to consider what materials promotional products are made from.

For instance, you may not be aware that a single plastic pen can take up to 1000 years to decompose!

The good news is that there are custom promotional products available that are great at increasing the awareness of your brand and that are also sustainable – like our plantable Sprout pencils.

What’s special about Sprout pencils?

Sprout pencils aren’t ordinary pencils; they’re plantable pencils. Yes, that’s right, Sprout pencils can grow into fresh herbs, luscious flowers, tasty herbs and even spruce trees. It’s so wonderful to take a waste product and give it a second life. Our pencils are loved by people across the globe – since 2013 we’ve sold over 30 million pencils worldwide.

Three MIT students thought of the idea for the plantable pencil. Realizing the huge potential of this simple idea, Michael Stausholm acquired the rights and Sprout World was born. We’re proud to say that Sprout pencils are the original and patented plantable pencils. Our patent acts as a guarantee that the pencils you receive are top-quality in design and functionality.

We’re also delighted to say that Sprout pencils are a minimal waste product. Plantable Sprout pencils are made from sustainably harvested wood – for every tree that’s cut down to make our pencils, a new tree is planted in its place. We also ensure we get the maximum number of pencils out one tree. With advancements in our processes, we can make 175,000 pencils per tree.

The writing material is a mixture of non-toxic clay and graphite – making our pencils safe for everyone to use. The seeds we use are non-GMO which means they’re produced through natural pollination and not grown in a lab – wildlife, particularly bees are incredibly happy about this. The seeds are contained in a seed capsule that’s made from plant-based material. When placed in soil, the capsule dissolves, letting the seeds germinate and sprout into plants.

We think the best thing about plantable Sprout pencils is that they help show that leading a sustainable lifestyle is possible. By making small changes – like swapping plastic pens for plantable pencils – great things can be achieved.

Ideas how to use plantable Sprout pencils

There’s a growing demand from organizations for sustainable products; they’re looking for fun, innovative ways to communicate their green stance. Plantable Sprout pencils are the perfect option whether you’re launching a new product or are wanting to attract visitors to your stand at an expo or conference.

What use are promotional products if they aren’t branded with your company details? Not much! So, we offer several customized options to create your perfect custom promotional products. You can choose to engrave your company logo and message onto the pencils. Or, if you’re in the EU, you can opt for our color print option – a great alternative to engraving for organizations that want to use their brand colors.

In addition to this you can choose to feature your pencils on customized single card or in display boxes of three or five pencils.

Nature Planet, a leading supplier of quality toys, souvenirs and accessories to visitor attractions, distributes plantable Sprout pencils as gift ideas for museums and other attractions. This what they say about Sprout pencils:

“The Sprout pencil is an original, eco-friendly and very popular gift idea.” – Sales & Marketing Manager, Nature Planet.

Care for the planet with eco-friendly custom promotional products

Whatever industry your business is in, it will benefit from custom promotional products. By showing your customers and business partners that your promotional products are eco-friendly and sustainable, you’re also helping to grow a green mindset.

Ordering your customized plantable Sprout pencils is easy. Choose what type of pencil you want; decide how you want to customize it and whether you want to attach single cards to your pencils or display them in boxes. Finally, get in touch with our friendly sales team for an order form. Nothing complicated about that, is there?