FAQ about how to use / plant Sprout pencils

What is the shelf life of Sprout pencils?

We recommend our pencils are planted 1-2 years from receipt

How is it recommended to store Sprout pencils?

For longest shelf life store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Humidity or high heat might damage the pencils over time.

Can you plant all year around?

Yes, all year round in the windowsill.

Can Sprout pencils grow both outdoors and indoors?

It depends on the plant variant and the season. Please visit https://preprod.sproutworld.com/

How long does it take for my pencil to germinate?

That depends on the plant variant. One of our fastest and most popular variants is basil, which germinates between six and ten days after planting.

What happens to the pencil stub once it's planted?

The pencil stub basically functions as a name tag for the seed type of your pencil. And in time the stub will dissolve and disappear.

Does the pencil affect the plant’s taste?

No. The pencil stub has absolutely no impact on the new plant

Why would you want to plant a pencil?

The idea is to plant the pencil stub when it’s too short to write or color with. This gives it a new lease of life. Instead of being thrown away, the Sprout pencil becomes a symbol of sustainability.

What can Sprout pencils be used for?

Sprout pencils are popular with adults and children of all ages and make great gifts. In a business context, they are an ideal promotional gift for launches, kick-off meetings, seminars, conferences, and teambuilding events. They’re a great alternative to plastic pens. See how other organizations and businesses have used Sprout pencils on www.preprod.sproutworld.com