FAQ about display

What are the dimensions?

L 23.5 cm x W 15.5 cm - H front of display 9.8 cm - H back of display 21.4 cm

What are the dimensions of the top sign?

L 23.8 x W 13.5 cm

What products fit in the display?

Pencils bulk, pencils with single card, pencils in packs

How many bulk pencils fit in the display?

600 pcs

How many Single cards fit in the display?

72 pcs

How many 3-Packs fit in the display?

84 pcs

How many 5-Packs fit in the display?

60 pcs

Is it possible to customize the display?

Base is standard. You can customize the top sign

What is the price for standard display?

€10 standard display

What is the price for customized display?

Ask sales for an individual quote