FAQ about 3-pack

Dimension, Weight, Ink

What are the dimensions?

L 194 mm x W 250 mm x H 10 mm

What is the weight?

300 gsm Alaska

What kind of ink is used?

Water based ink

What is the weight of a 3-pack?

Approx. 18 g

How many 3-Packs are in a shipping carton?

500 3-packs in a export box of: 39 x 46 x 20 cm – 12 Kg

Tariff code for international shipments

Packaging: 4816900000

Layout assistance 3 pack


Standard 3-Pack

What is the minimum quantity?

200 packs

What languages are available?


Customization of 3-Pack

What is the minimum quantity?

500 packs

Can the box be customized on the front & back?

The front is yours to design.
The back has our plant instructions & FSC label which can’t be removed.

What languages are available?

Translations of Sprout standard text are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian. But you can of course translate into your language

What is the delivery time?

Approx. 4 weeks

Is the 3-Pack available in other qualities?


Is it possible to order two designs for one order?

No, one design per order