Eco-friendly alternatives to promotional pens for business

Does your company use promotional pens to promote your business? And would you like a more sustainable alternative? If yes, we are pleased to introduce the Sprout pencil – a 100 percent sustainable pencil that sprouts after it has done its duty as a writing utensil.

Environmental drawback of conventional promotional pens for businesses

Promotional pens for business contain plastic and ink – materials that take centuries to degrade in nature. And as the pens are rarely refilled with ink when they dry out, people throw them away when the pens can no longer write.
There can be environmental costs related to pens, so there is a good reason to consider alternatives to conventional promotional pens to promote your business if your company has corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness in your DNA.

The Sprout pencil – the plantable and 100 percent sustainable pencil

We at Sprout we believe in sustainability, and we want more people to care about our environment. That is why we have given our own humble contribution to improve the environment. We call it the Sprout pencil.

Above all, the Sprout pencil consists of sustainable and biodegradable materials. However, the pencil continues to contribute to sustainability, even after its last stroke. All Sprout pencils contain a biodegradable seed capsule with a non-GMO seed inside which sprouts and turns into colorful flowers, fresh and delicious vegetables or aromatic and fragrant herbs if you bury the pencil stub in a flowerpot.

We can also produce the Sprout pencil with your company logo so you can spread your green message to your customers – and inspire them to contribute to sustainable initiatives.

For the ecoconscious company the Sprout pencil is a 100 percent sustainable alternative to ordinary promotion pens for business marketing. Read more about how you can use the Sprout pencil in your marketing plans here or contact us if you want to learn more about the plantable promotional pencil.

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