Creative pencils with company logo

Does your company use promotional gifts in your marketing plan? And are you in search of gift ideas that are of interest for the recipient and increase your company’s recognition value? If so, we are pleased to introduce the Sprout pencil – pencils with company logo that turn into vigorous plants.

Sustainable pencil with your company logo

The Sprout pencil is a high-quality pencil that is made of non-toxic and biodegradable materials. If you order more than 500 pencils, we deliver them with your company logo, and the Sprout pencil can be used as an element in your marketing plan.

However, the Sprout pencil is not just another promotional pencil. We have integrated a biodegradable plant capsule at the bottom of the pencil which contains a non-GMO plant seed. Bury the pencil in the potting compost when it is too short to write with, and let new life sprout from the enclosed seed capsule.

That means that with the Sprout pencil you can create awareness to your company by spreading your sustainable message and watch it turn into beautiful herbs, flowers or vegetables.

The Pencil with company logo which your customers want to keep

Although many companies use pencils with company logo as an element in their marketing plan, the gifts do not always serve their purpose. The pencils may disappear in the recipient’s drawer – along with the awareness of your company.

With Sprout pencils wearing your company logo your customers are most likely to keep the pencil – and remember your particular company. The Sprout pencil is a fun and sustainable gadget that will inspire the recipient to create new life.

Give it as a gift to customers or employees in connection with trade fairs, conferences and product launches or in connection with festive seasons or special occasions.

Order Sprout pencils with your company logo

Read even more about Sprout pencils here or contact us if you want to order your own tailored collection of sustainable pencils with your company logo.

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