Create a presence with promotional pencils

Conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs are bustling places with lots (even hundreds) of exhibitors trying to capture the attention of visitors. When someone does visit your stand, you want them to remember you days, weeks or even months after their visit. Promotion pencils that are also eco-friendly make the perfect giveaway.

The value of promotion pencils

Promotional items have been used for centuries as a means of advertising businesses, and they continue to be used because they’re an easy way for businesses to get their brand seen.

In recent years there’s been a shift from giving away plastic promotional items to sustainable promotional items. Our plantable Sprout pencils are the ideal promotion pencils for businesses that have sustainability at their heart.

Made using sustainably harvested wood and containing a mixture of non-toxic graphite and clay writing material, the plantable Sprout pencil has a seed capsule containing GMO-free seeds that can grow into luscious flowers, tasty herbs or fresh vegetables when planted.

The idea is that the promotion pencil is used and when there’s only the stub of the pencil left the plant-based material seed capsule is planted, and what remains of the pencil acts as a name-tag for the plant.

Need inspiration on how to use your promotional pencils? See what others are doing

Plantable Sprout pencils are versatile promotional pencils and are suitable to use at internal company events, conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs and product launches. They can even be sold as promotional products in gift shops. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some examples of creative promotional ideas for events using the plantable Sprout pencil:

Porsche, the famous sports car manufacturer decided to use customized Sprout pencils as a giveaway to employees to promote their team that deals with regulations and the environment.

“People liked the idea and the pencils very much. We got them recommended from a supplier.” – Julia Bas, Porsche

VisitDenmark chose to include engraved plantable Sprout pencils on card as part of their press kit for a conference at the launch of the Danish pavilion in Rio 2016.

“Sprout was selected to represent Denmark on the pavilion because their pencils and cards are a perfect fit for our themes; innovate together, recycle together and eat together.” – International Project Manager, VisitDenmark

Friends of the High Line is a public park that is built on a historic elevated freight line in New York. They choose the plantable Sprout pencil on single card as its sellable promotional pencil in its store.

“Sprout was perfect because it’s something new and best of all, fits with the horticulture program of the High Line.” – Director of Retail Operations, Friends of the High Line

Ready, steady, go… get your promotion pencils now

The feedback we get from individuals and businesses who use the plantable Sprout pencil as a promotional pencil shows that people love the idea of a promotion pencil that grows into a plant. To switch to using promotion pencils instead of plastic promotion pens, get in touch to find out about how to customize your pencils or how to order them.