Business promotional items with an added purpose

Individuals and organizations have a wide choice of businesses that they can buy from, but they typically choose businesses they trust. An easy way to build up your brand recognition and, over time create trust with your people is with business promotional items.

Items like pencils or notebooks will attract visitors to your expo or conference stand – because everyone loves getting something for free! They also make great memorable mementos of a visit to your hotel, restaurant or attraction. But there’s a downside – most items contain plastic that isn’t biodegradable.

Plastic isn’t fantastic

Plastic is used in just about everything. That’s because it’s easy to produce, it’s highly versatile and it’s cheap. But all that used plastic has to end up somewhere. Sadly, it’s either dumped in landfills or it ends up in our oceans where it pollutes that water, harms the sea life and kills off marine animals.

Even a small item like a simple plastic pen can take up to 1000 years to decompose. That’s truly shocking! We need to change the way we think and act now to ensure the survival of the planet. That’s not being overdramatic; it’s a fact.

Plantable pencils for eco-conscious brands

Sprout pencils are the original and patented plantable pencils. This patent acts as a guarantee that every pencil you purchase will be of high-quality.

All our pencils are made from sustainably harvested wood and the writing material is made from natural graphite and clay (lead is never used in our pencils). All our seeds are non-GMO – natural wondrous is guaranteed, and the seeds are stored in a capsule that’s made from plant-based material that dissolves in soil.

The pencil can be planted to grow into plants, like herbs, flowers, vegetables and even a tree after use. 🌲 Yep, from a small seed, a magnificent spruce can be grown. This makes our Plant A Tree pencils perfect for a company’s Plant A Tree initiative.

Swap your plastic business promotional items for plantable Sprout pencils and help to grow a mindset like these brands have:

Toyota Denmark A/S

Toyota gifted Sprout pencils on single card to their employees and participants of a sustainability conference. Everyone loved the idea of the pencil and the pencils fitted perfectly with the theme of the conference.

“The Sprout pencil is perfectly in line with our values; it supports recycling, renewal and it has a positive impact on the planet.” – Frank C. Okoisor, President, Toyota Denmark A/S


Mosaicoelearning is one of Italy’s largest providers of online learning. They chose branded Sprout pencils on customized cards as business promotional items to gift to attendees of their annual LEARNING360 event.

“The gift was highly appreciated, and in the days following the event we received a lot of positive feedback.” – Marketing and Event Manager, Mosaicoelearning, Italy

Create a memorable gift with these customize options

We understand that promotional items you choose for your business need to reflect your brand. That’s why we offer a range of options for you to choose from to customize your pencils.

You may wish to engrave your logo and company message onto the pencils, or if you’re in the EU, we can also offer color printing. Using precision UV printing, we can print in any color, and you’ll be pleased to know that the inks we use are waterproof and durable, so your logo or message won’t smudge. Safety is also a top priority for us, and the ink we use is EN71-3 certified, which means it’s safe for everybody to use.

If you want to include more detail in your message, feature your customized pencils on single card or in packs of three or five pencils.

How to customize Sprout pencils

We’ve made it as easy as possible to customize our pencils and display cards and boxes (if you choose this!). It can be done in five simple steps:

1. Choose your pencil – graphite or color? Sharpened or unsharpened?
2. Pick your seed – herb, flower, vegetable or tree
3. Choose your customization – stick with the standard pencil or do you want to add your logo and company name?
4. Pick your packaging – single card or display boxes
5. Place your order

To create the best design for your brand we’ve put together easy-to-use templates that you can give to your graphic designer. This guarantees that your final design will fit the pencils, and this also speeds up the order process, so you don’t have to wait to get your pencils.

Make Sprout World your supplier of sustainable business promotional items

Getting more people to care about the natural world is our mission at Sprout World. If we’re trying to convince others that going ‘green’ is the best way forward, then we have to champion sustainability ourselves.

Sprout pencils are fully sustainable and plastic-free. Yippee! To cut down our carbon footprint, we work with production partners that are central to our biggest markets, Europe and the US. Our partners have been carefully chosen, and our pencils are manufactured under conditions that meet the sustainable development of local communities, including climate, environment, living conditions, ethical considerations, health and much more.

We know we’re not perfect (yet!), but we continually look for ways to improve our production and delivery processes.

Give a gift that gives back

Why spend your money on promotional items for your business that only last a few months? Sprout pencils are the original plantable pencils, and they’re also patented to guarantee their high-quality. People will also be amazed to know that when the pencil is no longer usable it can be planted to grow into fresh herbs, luscious flowers, tasty vegetables and even a spruce tree – which they and future generations to come can use as a Christmas tree. 🎄

So, say goodbye to single-use business promotional items and switch to sustainable gifts that keep on giving.