Be visible with branded promotional items

If you want to advertise your business there are so many ways you can do it, TV advertising, on the radio, with outdoor advertising or with billboard adverts. This huge choice means that on a typical day people are exposed to an average of 5000 ads. That’s a massive amount of information and it makes it incredibly difficult for people to differentiate one brand from another.

Give people something they can remember your brand with by gifting branded promotional items.

Do people want branded promotional items?

People love receiving ‘freebies’, particularly items that are useful like pencils, writing pads and diaries. Studies have shown that promotional items are used for an average of eight months. Yet businesses often overlook them in favor of spending money on online advertising or social media posts or stories.

Give your customers what they want and at the same time be better than your competitors by including branded promotional items in your marketing plan.

The future is green

Take a look at your desk or peak inside your satchel or work bag. How many pens do you have that are made of plastic? 2, 4 or more? This may not seem like a big amount but when you consider that a single plastic pen can take up to 1000 years to decompose, what’s sitting on your desk could still be around in a millennium. That’s scary!

With an increased emphasis on the impact that humans are having on the planet, now is the time to ditch plastic branded promotional items for alternatives that are eco-friendly and sustainable. The great news is that our plantable pencils are fully sustainable and they come with a special surprise – they can be planted to sprout new life.

Sprout pencils are made from sustainably harvested wood. This means when a tree is cut down to make our pencils, another tree is planted to replace it. The writing material is made from natural graphite which is non-toxic so it’s safe for people of all ages to use. We only use non-GMO seeds, and these are contained in a seed capsule that’s made from a plant-based material that biodegrades when placed in soil.

Not a single part of the pencil is wasted, as the pencil itself acts as a plant-name tag so the receiver will never forget what type of plant it is.

Choose from graphite, color or opt for our Rainbow pencil that has three colors in one and then decide what type of seed you want. There are herbs, flowers, a vegetable and even a tree seed – the magnificent spruce. Don’t forget you can customize your pencils with your logo and company message for the perfect eco-friendly branded promotional items.

Get inspired by these green-conscious brands

Brands across the world are seeing the value of using sustainable branded promotional items. Here is a selection of businesses who have chosen Sprout plantable pencils for their promotional items:


Healthware is a global consulting group that focuses on sales and marketing in the healthcare sector. They chose to include customized Sprout pencils in their work essentials pack that was handed out to all their employees at their annual Kick-Off event.

“The Sprout pencil is good at communicating innovation and sustainability, and it has a strong recycling message.” – Global Marketing & Communications Team


Ikea Belgium chose to celebrate the launch of their sustainability report by gifting customized Sprout pencils on single card. The card detailed all of Ikea’s sustainability highlights from the past year and this along with the pencil was given to their employees.

“The plantable pencil was a fun gadget and the reactions were very positive.” Iris de Herdt,
Sustainability Department IKEA, Belgium

The Sustainable City

The Sustainable City located in Dubai is the first net zero energy development in the Emirate of Dubai. The city includes homes, hotels, restaurants, offices and healthcare facilities. Plantable Sprout pencils with customized engraving are gifted to visitors who attend expos and conferences that are held at the city.

“The symbolic act of planting something after use is amazing. It´s good for opening a conversation.” – Michael Solvsten, Operations Director, The Sustainable City

Be bold with your branded promotional items

We all have a part to play in protecting the planet. So, how about using the opportunity of promoting your business to your customers and partners to also spread a sustainable message? It’s easy and fun to do with the right item!

Instead of gifting plastic-pens that are thrown in the bin because they’re broken or are no longer usable, giveaway customized plantable Sprout pencils and start a conversation about the importance of sustainability with a pencil that sprouts new life. 💚 Speak to our friendly team to find out more.