Be the reason why bees are happy

Bee-lieve it or not, but our future and the survival of many species rely on the humble bee. Bees are responsible for pollinating plants that produce most of the fruits, vegetables and nuts that we and a lot of animal species eat.

You may see the odd bee buzzing around now and again, but sadly bees are in decline. Urbanization, modern farming methods, changing lifestyles and a loss of wild areas are having a negative effect on the health of bees and it also means bees have less plants to pollinate, which means less food for us!

The world is better with bees in it

It’s not all bad news, and there are reasons to bee happy. We have the power to ensure the survival of bees. One very important way to help the bees is by planting more bee-friendly flowers. With the Happy Bee edition, you can easily spread this important message.

Sprout pencils are nature’s friend; they’re 100% natural, pencils are made from certified wood, the writing material is graphite and after use the pencils can planted to sprout new life. Sprout pencils are the original and patented plantable pencils and are made under ethical working conditions in Europe.

The Happy Bee edition contains five graphite plantable pencils, each engraved with inspiring bee quotes and containing different bee-friendly seeds; Sage, Chia, Coriander, Carnation and Thyme.

Be bee-friendly

Using or gifting Sprout pencils that contain bee-friendly seeds is a great conversation starter about the importance of bees; plus, these pencils sprout into plants that bees adore.

As well as planting Happy Bee pencils, here are some other ways you can help bees:

- Plant flowers that provide nectar and pollen.
- Let your friends, teacher or family know about the importance of bees
- Don’t use insecticides or chemical fertilizers on the flowers
- Make a bee hotel
- Don’t swat bees! They may sting you and you’ll be stopping the vital work bees do for the environment—and us

Unbee-livable facts about bees

As you can tell we love bees at Sprout, and here are some reasons why:

- Bee colonies can contain tens of thousands of bees (that’s enough to fill a football stadium)
- Bees are vegetarians, only eating plant nectar
- A bee colony has one queen bee, and she lays all the eggs. Go Queen Bee!

Still looking?

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