Be bold with unique promotional products

For centuries, businesses have used promotional products to advertise themselves to individuals and other businesses. For the past few decades, plastic has been the material of choice for promotional products, but we say plastic has had its day. Promotional products that are made from sustainable materials like wood are becoming more popular as people realize the importance of having a green mindset.

Tired of the ordinary? Choose unique promotional products

How many plastic promotional pens have you collected from exhibitions or trade fairs, which after a few uses run dry and you then bin? Dozens, Hundreds? Do you even remember the names of the companies who gave you these pens? Probably not!

With unique promotional products, like the plantable Sprout pencil, you can leave a lasting positive impact on the people who receive your promotional products and also the planet.

Grow your company and a green mindset with the plantable Sprout pencil…

We’re super excited to say that the plantable Sprout pencil is the original and patented ‘plantable writing instrument’. We’re incredibly proud to hold this patent as it’s a sign that when you order plantable Sprout pencils, you’re getting a high-quality product that’s produced using sustainable production methods.

All our plantable Sprout pencils are made from sustainably harvested wood. This means for every tree that is felled to make our pencils, another tree is planted to replace it. The writing material inside our pencils is a mixture of non-toxic graphite and clay. The unique seed capsule that’s found at the top of the pencils is made from a plant-based material that decomposes when placed in soil. All the seeds we use are non-GMO – this means they’re produced through natural pollination and not grown artificially in a lab.

Choose to order the original graphite pencil as part of your promotional products. Or, if you’re looking for something different decide to go with our color or plantable Sprout Rainbow pencil that contains three colors in one; red, yellow and blue.

For large orders over 25,000, you have the option of choosing a custom seed – allowing you to offer your guests, customers and friends a truly unique promotional product. Smaller quantities of customized plantable Sprout pencils are available through our webshop to organizations and businesses in the EU.

How to customize Sprout products

Custom promotional products leave a stronger impression on the receiver.

Customizing your plantable Sprout pencils is easy:

1. Decide on the type of pencils you want to use
2. Decide if you wish your pencils to have your logo and message engraved or color printed – color print is currently on available in Europe
3. Decide if you want to package your pencils – you can feature your pencils on customized single cards or in stylish display boxes
4. Once you’re happy, get in touch with our friendly sales team for an order form

Put a smile on people’s faces with innovative promotional products ideas

Promotional products are incredibly versatile which makes them a cost-effective way of promoting your business. If you’re lacking inspiration on how to use your promotional products, here are some ideas based on what Sprout customers have done:

Team building events

With large organizations, teams are often located over numerous sites. Team building events are great at reconnecting teams, reaffirming relationships and for sharing ideas. Hand out custom promotional products to your employees as a memento of the day.

Product launches

There’s nothing more exciting for a business than launching a new product onto the market. Mark this special occasion by giving away promotional products that carry a sustainable message to attendees of the event.

Trade fairs

Having a stand at a trade fair is a great opportunity to introduce industry leaders to your product, to catch up with colleagues and to also see what your competitors are offering. Some trade fairs have hundreds of exhibitors, so to attract visitors to your stand consider giving away unique promotional products like the plantable Sprout pencil.

Giveaways at reception

Visitors to business premises are usually required to sign into buildings. Instead of using plastic pens for your guests to write their signature, give them a plantable Sprout pencil that’s customized with your company logo to use instead. Encourage them to keep the pencil and reuse it at the office or at home.

Launching a company-wide sustainable initiative

We feel there’s no better way to launch a company-wide, sustainable initiative than with a pencil that grows into a tree! Our Plant A Tree contains spruce seeds and is the ideal promotional product to launch your company’s Plant A Tree initiative or other green campaigns. Plus, it can be customized with your logo and company message.

What people say about Sprout

We’re incredibly proud of the plantable Sprout pencil and we love hearing what individuals and businesses have to say about them. Here’s a selection of glowing comments that we’ve received:

“The Sprout pencil is an original, eco-friendly and very popular gift idea. The demand is high, we are impressed by the sales and are urged to reorder much faster than we expected.” – Jesper Lawcock, Nature Planet

“The entire hotel is loving this great idea.” – Room Operations Manager, Marriott

“The product was delivered promptly and is of a very high quality. Thank you! Will certainly order them again.” – Amazon review

“People liked the idea and the pencils very much.” – Julia Bas, Porsche

Here for all your promotional products needs

Sustainability is part of our DNA and we love seeing organizations using Sprout products and showing their support for protecting this awesome planet we’re lucky enough to call home. If you’ve got a question about the plantable Sprout pencil or how to order our products, get in touch. We’re a friendly bunch!