Babassu oil

What you need to know about babassu oil:

• Babassu oil is a vegan oil extracted from the nut of the babassu palm, native to the Amazon basin.

• It’s non-greasy, lightweight, odorless, rich in vitamins E, A, and lauric acid (known for its soothing, anti-microbial properties).

• The nuts are sustainably harvested as they are collected naturally from the ground and do not damage the trees.

• It’s an important source of income for women from traditional communities in the region. By supporting their economic autonomy and social mobilization, it helps reduce gender inequality.

• Babassu palms support plant diversity in the region as it’s native to northeastern Brazil and a non-invasive alternative to other popular oils like palm and coconut. Its multiple uses and commercial value provide an incentive to prevent deforestation for other purposes.