Sustainable marketing strategies

Is sustainability on top of your company’s agenda? And do you want to communicate your green messages to existing and future customers? If yes, continue to read and be inspired to implement your sustainable marketing strategies.

A simple but fun element of your sustainable marketing strategies

We at Sproutworld believe in sustainability, and we have the clear goal to raise people’s awareness of the environment and natural surroundings. Therefore, we have created a simple, but fun feature as an element in your company’s marketing strategies – our patented Sprout pencil.
The Sprout pencil is a 100 percent non-toxic high-quality pencil that is made of biodegradable quality materials under sustainable conditions. The pencil can be customized with your company logo or slogan so you can spread your green messages to your customers, stakeholders and business partners.

Sprout pencil – the gift that gives back

The Sprout pencil in not just made of sustainable materials, it continues to contribute to sustainability even after it has been used. Sprout pencils contain a non-GMO plant seed and is ready to be planted when the pencil is too short to write or draw with.

Put the pencil stub in a flowerpot with good compost, and fresh vegetables, beautiful flowers or aromatic herbs will sprout from the compost. Sprout pencils come with a wide palette of seeds, and if your order exceeds 25,000 pencils, you are free to pick your own seeds.

The sprout pencil is the gift that gives back to nature – an obvious gift idea for your customers and a simple, but fun element of your sustainable marketing strategies.

Order Sprout pencil today and spread your green message

Give the Sprout pencil as a promotional gift in connection with product launches, conferences, seminars, trade fairs etc and spread your company’s green message to the world.

Contact us or read more here if you want to know how you get a customized Sprout pencil with your company logo and how the pencil contributes to your sustainable marketing strategies.

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