Sustainable business promotional gifts

Many businesses use promotional gifts as an element of their marketing plans. More and more companies have an ecoconscious identity and make requirements to their promotional gifts. We at Sprout have the ideal promotion gift idea to those companies. The Sprout pencil – a 100 percent biodegradable and sustainable promotional pencil that turns into green life after use.

Let your business promotional gifts sprout

The Sprout pencil is so much more than just a promotional gift. You can have your company logo or message engraved in the pencil which makes it suitable when you promote your business. But whereas many promotional gifts end in the garbage bin when they can no longer be used, a Sprout pencil turns into new life when it is too short to write with.

We have embedded a non-GMO plant seed which is encapsulated at the end of all Sprout pencils – ready to sprout if you bury the pencil stub in a flowerbox with compost. With Sprout pencils you can literally let your business’s promotional gifts sprout and turn into new life when they have done their duty.

Let flowers, herbs and plants sprout

The Sprout pencil is the ideal promotional gift for a company that plans to spread its sustainable message to customers or employees. The Sprout pencil is the gift that gives back to nature.
Use it as one of your business promotional gifts in connection with product launches, trade fairs or conferences and give the recipient the joy of watching how a writing utensil with your company name turns into fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs or beautiful flowers.

Order your customized Sprout pencil

Customize your Sprout pencil with your company logo and plant a seed of your choice and contribute to sustainability. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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