Socially responsible marketing examples

Are corporate social responsibility and responsibility for the environment integral elements of your company DNA? And are you looking for socially responsible marketing examples that communicate your green message to your customers?

We at Sprout have the obvious promotional gift for companies that want to display sustainability. The Sprout pencil – the pencil that turns into beautiful flowers, fragrant herbs or fresh vegetables when it has been used.

100 percent sustainable and socially responsible marketing examples

We at Sprout believe in sustainability, and we want more people to care about our natural environment. That is why we have created the Sprout pencil – a humble but 100 percent sustainable marketing tool that helps companies communicate their green messages to the world.

You probably think that the Sprout pencil is a simple socially responsible marketing example, but it is also one of the most sustainable. When the pencil is too short to write with, green plants sprout from its stub when you put it in a flowerpot.

All Sprout pencils contain a biodegradable and non-toxic seed capsule with a non-GMO plant seed inside it. Bury the stub in the potting compost, and green life will sprout from the seed capsule.

This is how you transform your green messages into plants

Naturally, the Sprout pencils are made of 100 percent non-toxic materials produced under sustainable conditions. And as it is not meant to be thrown away after use, the pencil contributes to sustainability in the entire value chain from production, through to using it as a writing utensil to the sprouting of the seed in the capsule.
If you order more than 500 pencils, Sprout customizes the Sprout pencil with your company logo, and you can transform your green message into green plants. Corporations such as Toyota, Ikea and Coca-Cola have already given Sprout pencils as promotional gifts in connection with trade fairs, conferences and other events.
Is your company also in search of socially responsible marketing examples, and do you want to know more about the Sprout pencil, do not hesitate to contact the Sprout team.

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