Show your supportive side with social responsible marketing

People are more aware of the mark they leave on the planet. And, when deciding who to buy from they’re looking for organizations that are dedicated to making a positive impact with their products and services. The role of social responsible marketing is to communicate how your sustainable and eco-friendly procedures and practices support the long-term safeguarding of communities and the environment.

Switch to socially responsible gifts

Making the switch from plastic or non-biodegradable company gifts or promotional products to natural gifts is an easy but effective way of showing that you care for the planet and everything that lives on it.

Wow your guests, customers or employees with a pencil that can grow into a plant. We’re sure they’ll love them as much as we do!

The original pencil that grows into a plant…

The plantable Sprout pencil is made from sustainably harvested wood – so each time a tree is cut down to make our pencils another is planted to replace it. The writing material is a mixture of non-toxic graphite and clay and the innovative green seed capsule that’s found at the end of the pencils is made from a plant-based material that degrades in soil.

When the pencil is too short to use, it can be planted to grow into luscious flowers, tasty herbs, fresh vegetables and even spruce trees. You have the choice of 11 seeds including daisy, sunflower, basil and scrumptious cherry tomato.

We even give you the choice of having your pencils delivered pre-sharpened – at an additional cost. Because, who wants to spend their time sharpening pencils!

The plantable Sprout pencil comes with Sprout and the name of the seed engraved on it. You have the option of customizing the pencil with your logo and message. This can be done through engraving, or for customers in Europe, you can also choose the color print option. Using precision UV printing and high-quality safety standard ink, we can print your logo or company message in just about any color.

Strengthen your socially responsible marketing message by delivering the plantable Sprout pencil on a single card with a personalized message. Or gift three or pencils that are presented in display boxes. The display boxes can be customized with your logo and message.

Inspiration if you’re stuck for ideas

Switching up your marketing practices may seem like a daunting task. To show that it’s easier than you think it is, take inspiration from companies who are already doing it. Here is a selection of socially responsible marketing ideas that we’ve collated from Sprout World customers:

MediaKey Magazine

The biggest marketing media in Italy, MediaKey Magazine chose to gift plantable Sprout pencils on single cards to guests at their Press, Outdoor and Promotion Key Award Ceremony in 2019.

“The green agenda is extremely important right now…The Sprout pencils can be a very effective way to link your brand to sustainability without being theoretic.” – Roberto Albano, Editorial Director, MediaKey Magazine

Ikea, Belgium

Ikea has long been a supporter of sustainability, and to celebrate the launch of its sustainability report, Ikea Belgium gifted engraved plantable Sprout pencils on single cards to its employees.

“We have purchased pencils with herbs for supporting the launch of our sustainability report…The reactions were very positive. And we know that the pencils work, because we have planted some of them in our office.” – Iris de Herdt, Sustainability Department, Ikea, Belgium


Woodscape crafts high-quality hardwood street furniture that uses recycled cards and boxes. They decided to gift customized plantable Sprout pencils to guests and visitors to their exhibition stand.

“The Sprout pencil is a much nicer giveaway than a plastic pen.” – John Pagan, Group Marketing Manager, Woodscape

Le Meridien, Vienna

Sustainability is built into the ethos of Le Meridien. They offer green meetings and they also run a certificate program where guests can be awarded points by making green choices, like choosing to have their room cleaned every other day instead of daily.

Le Meridien gifts their guests and visitors with customized plantable Sprout pencils on single cards.

“Sprout is a good match for Le Meridien because we also work with sustainability…Sprout pencils are an innovation – something new and fresh.” – Mara Geusau, Sales Executive, Le Meridien, Vienna

Customers are savvy so speak their language

Customers buying decisions are no longer just influenced by price. Today buyers want to be reassured that the company they’re buying from implements environmental and ethical practices and procedures. Use the plantable Sprout pencil to send a socially responsible marketing message to your customers and partners that you care about the footprint your organization leaves on the environment and the society it serves.