Show off your brand with sustainable promotional gifts

Are you a new business and you want to use promotional gifts to announce your launch? Or you might be an established business that’s launching a new product and are looking for promotional gift ideas to send to bloggers and the press? Whatever your business size or type, promotional gifts will help your business stick in people’s minds.

And why not go one step further and make your business promotional gifts eco-friendly and start a conversation with your partners and customers about the important issue of sustainability.

101 Reasons to use promotional gifts

In a digital world, grasping and maintaining people’s attention is hard as there are so many other things to distract them. Promotional gifts that people can physically hold, and use are fantastic at creating brand awareness and loyalty.

Depending on what it is, it’s said that promotional gifts are used for a year or longer. This means that when the person is ready to use a service or product that you offer, there’s a greater chance they’ll choose you.

New customers are great, but you shouldn’t forget about your existing customers. They are valuable people. They’ve already bought from you, so they have trust in your business. Giving company promotional gifts to your current customers is an easy way of cementing your relationship.

Plastic isn’t fantastic

Plastic has been the go-to material for business promotional gifts for decades; it’s cheap to produce, items can be produced quickly, and plastic is extremely durable. Sounds good, right? Well, no!

While there has been a shift to recycled plastic, not all business promotional gifts are recyclable. Take the simple plastic promotional pen. The majority of plastic pens aren’t made from materials that easily biodegrade. This means they sit in landfills, slowly rotting away.

Make the shift today to eco-friendly business promotional gifts – as well as being an investment for your business, eco-friendly promotional gifts are an investment in the health of the planet.

Promotional gift ideas that are innovative and eco-friendly

Be different and give away or sell company promotional gifts that keep on giving. The plantable Sprout pencil is the original, patented pencil that can grow into a plant. And, you have the choice of your promotional pencils growing into luscious flowers, tasty herbs, fresh vegetables and even spruce trees.

The plantable Sprout pencil is available in graphite, color or as a Rainbow pencil that has three colors in one; red, yellow and blue. All plantable Sprout pencils are made from sustainably harvested wood. This means for every tree that is cut down to make our pencils, another tree is planted to replace it. The writing material used in Sprout pencils is a mixture of non-toxic graphite and clay. Lead is never used in our pencils! The distinctive green seed capsule that’s found at the end of our plantable pencils is made from cellulose, which is a compound that is found in plants. And the seeds we use are non-GMO.

The plantable Sprout pencil can also be customized with your company logo and message. This can be added through engraving or for EU customers, color print is also available. By using high-quality, precision UV printing, we can replicate just about any color.

Choose to display your pencils on cards that can also be personalized with your message or logo. Or present them in boxes of three or five pencils for a promotional gift that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

How to use corporate promotional gifts

Everyone loves receiving a gift; even more so when the promotional gifts have a message of sustainability. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to use corporate promotional gifts, here are some ideas:

Sell them in store
Promotional gifts aren’t just something that you give away; they can also be a sellable item. If you run a visitor attraction, offer promotional gifts that are customized with your logo or message for sale in your shop.

Gifts for the press
Getting press coverage can be amazing for your business, but it isn’t easy. Journalists are inundated with requests for coverage. Creating a press kit that contains innovative promotional gift ideas will make your business stand out.

Welcome gifts
Make your corporate promotional gifts available at your reception for visitors to pick up on entry or exit. Or hand them out to visitors at the registration desk for a company event or trade show.

Go green and be seen

When our founder Michael Studholme came across the idea of a pencil that can turn into a plant on the Kickstarter website back in 2013, he knew instantly that it had massive potential to be used for promotional gifts. The plantable Sprout pencil makes ideal company promotional gifts for any business.

Get in touch to discuss making the swap to sustainable company promotional gifts. Or send us a message about ordering sustainable promotional gifts in bulk.