DB Schenker

DB Schenker is one of the world’s leading global logistics providers, with 1850 locations worldwide and more than 76,000 employees.

Customized SproutWorld pencils and single cards.

2022 was the year that DB Schenker celebrated their 150th anniversary, and SproutWorld pencils were handed out as gifts on many different occasions.

Because the pencil represents the company’s values like innovation, sustainability, and tradition.


What did you use the SproutWorld pencils for?

We used them for both internal and external events, as well as customer engagements. 2022 has been a packed year of meetings, workshops, events, conferences, and exhibitions, and the SproutWorld pencils have been very well received wherever they’ve been deployed.

Why are they a good match for your company?

A pencil has been an essential tool since the early years of industrialization. What the SproutWorld pencil represents is more than just a primary writing instrument. It symbolizes innovation, sustainability, and tradition.

It’s often said that the pen is mightier than the sword, but compared with the plastic waste and chemical inks of disposable pens, this SproutWorld pencil not only does what the pen does, it’s virtually circular and has a net-positive footprint.

With organic, compostable shavings, along with plantable seeds for after-use, it just resonates with what we are trying to represent.

What do you want to communicate with the pencils?

Their simplicity and sustainability impact.

How have the reactions been?

The novelty of the plantable SproutWorld pencils triggers a curious reflection, and its symbolism enables a conversation on the why and how.

How do you work with sustainability

As part of the commercial team of a global logistics company, our impact on customers’ global supply chains is absolutely critical, and we are right at the frontline connecting ecosystems and economies.

Every small measure and step we can take to work with and have meaningful conversations on sustainability is absolutely vital, whether we engage with internal or external stakeholders to make things happen.

- DB Schenker APAC (Asia Pacific) Chief Commercial Officer, Thomas Sorensen




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