Lorenz, Germany

Lorenz Germany, is one of the leading producers in the European savoury snack market, and creates brands such: Naturals, Crunchips, Saltletts or NicNac’s.

Customized plantable Sprout pencils with basil seeds on customized cards.

The pencils were part of a campaign for Naturals crisps used in 5,000 displays around supermarkets in Germany.

To emphasize the natural ingredients in the Naturals crisps and to focus on the responsible use of resources.


The story

With the herbal seeds in the Sprout pencil, we want to emphasize the natural ingredients that are used for our Naturals range. Furthermore, the reusability of the pencil raises awareness for the responsible use of resources.
At Lorenz, we attach great importance to the sustainable and mindful use of the resources available to us. For this reason, we also maintain 50-year-old supplier relationships with our potato farmers in Germany.
The feedback from our retail partners and consumers was consistently positive, especially because of the perfect match between Naturals and Sprout regarding the natural ingredients.

Andrea Spielmann
Marketing Director, Lorenz Germany

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