Corporate social responsibility in marketing

Numerous companies incorporate corporate social responsibility in their marketing strategy. And with good reason. Customers and stakeholders increasingly expect companies to take responsibility for the environment. Therefore, CSR should be an important element of a modern company’s marketing strategy.
But how can your company implement corporate social responsibility in your marketing strategy? We at Sprout have a simple, but effective solution.

Make corporate social responsibility an element of your marketing strategy

Basically, CSR is about taking a global and social responsibility — for instance caring about the environment. Many companies already place the responsibility for our natural surroundings on top of their agenda and communicate environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility in their marketing strategy. We at Sprout have created a simple marketing tool that help companies spread their green message to the world: The Sprout pencil.

The Sprout pencil is a 100 percent sustainable high-quality pencil made of non-toxic and biodegradable materials. Of course, you can customize the pencil with your company logo or message, and it is therefore an effective tool to communicate your green message.

Spread your sustainable message and give back to nature

The Sprout pencil is so much more than a promotional pencil made of sustainable materials. The Sprout pencil is the gift that gives back to nature.

At the top of all Sprout pencils is a biodegradable seed capsule containing a non-GMO plant seed. When the pencil is too short to write or draw with, your customers can put the pencil in a flowerpot, and fragrant herbs, beautiful flowers or fresh vegetable will sprout from the pencil stub.

In doing so, the Sprout pencil continues to be sustainable, even after having done its duty as a writing utensil.
If you want to know more about how the Sprout pencil can be used to communicate corporate social responsibility in your marketing strategy, you can read more here or contact the Sprout team.

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