Branded corporate gifts with sustainable messages

Although we live in a digital time, and a large part of companies’ marketing initiatives are online, analogue marketing initiatives can still be very effective. For instance, many companies choose to give branded corporate gifts to customers and employees to promote their products and services.

Increased consumer responsibility and an increasing demand for sustainable products place demands on companies’ branded corporate gifts. That is why we at Sprout have developed a simple but 100 percent sustainable idea – a corporate gift that sprouts and turns into vigorous plants. We call it the Sprout pencil – the gift that gives back to nature.

Sustainable, branded corporate gifts

The Sprout pencil is a 100 percent sustainably produced high-quality pencil that can be engraved with your company logo. Therefore, it is an obvious choice for companies that are in search of branded corporate gifts that can help spread their sustainable messages.

However, not just the materials and the production make the Sprout pencil a sustainable corporate gift. We have embedded a non-GMO plant seed at the bottom of all Sprout pencils, which is why the pencils have a secondary function. If you plant the pencil in a flowerpot when it is too short to write with, it will literally turn into new life with fragrant herbs, tasty vegetables or beautiful and colorful flowers. And the pencil – all the way from graphite and PEFC/FSC certified wood to the enclosed seed capsule – is naturally 100 percent degradable in nature.

We can hardly think of more sustainable, branded corporate gifts.

Personalize your Sprout pencil

Corporations and organization worldwide that want to spread their green message already use the Sprout pencil. Personalize your unique collection of sustainable, branded corporate gifts that turn into green life, and give the pencil to customers and employees in connection with product launches, trade fairs, conferences and other events.
Do you want to learn more about the Sprout pencil, please do not hesitate to contact the Sprout team.

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