It’s not a pencil…

It’s a green messenger. Our multi award-winning plantable pencils write a different kind of story. It’s the story of how sustainable change can be made through small innovations. And of how small steps, made together, lead to big outcomes.
Here at Sprout, we make a difference by rethinking everyday products and making them sustainable. From office supplies to make up, our products are green messengers that create awareness and start a journey to positive change.

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Why plant a pencil?

It’s not just because we can. It’s because we're rewriting the story about how our planet’s limited resources can be used and reused. When we throw things in the trash, they can end up being incinerated, giving out gases that warm the planet. So stay cool and reuse them instead.

Our sustainability journey


The green conversation starter

Don’t be stuck for something to say at your next conference. Swap traditional business cards for our customized Sprout pencils and start your own conversation. They’re the ideal eco-alternative to promotional plastic pens, and are an easy way to start telling a story about sustainable business at congresses, business events and seminars.

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All About Sprout® Pencils

Plant a green mindset and support sustainable change with Sprout pencils, the original and patented plantable pencils that grow into herbs, flowers, vegetables and trees.


All About Sprout® Makeup Liners

The world's first plantable makeup liners. When only the stub of your Sprout liner is left, instead of putting it in the trash, plant it, and watch as it grows into beautiful bee-friendly wildflowers.


Take a look at how we monitor and work with our supply chain. Transparency and traceability are very important to us to underline that we are doing exactly what we say we’re doing.

On a path to growth?

Sprout pencils are great carriers of sustainable messages. Find out more about how our custom-engraved Sprout pencils can help your company grow.

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