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Support your sustainable mission by choosing Sprout pencils. Discover how we can help you tell your green story.


Personalized pencils

For customers based in the EU you can design and order personalized pencils through our website to share with your friends and family. For customers outside the EU please contact our sales team at [email protected] - they are happy to help you with your order!


The perfect gift

There should always be a reason to talk about the environment. Here is a little help to start the conversation.


The only in the world

Makeup pencils design for eco-conscious makeup lovers who want to take care of the planet and look good while doing it.


Finally, we are B Corp certified!

Meaning we are now among a select few businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance in the world.
Are you considering applying for B Corp membership? Is B Corp for everyone? Yes, but there are things to consider before applying.


It's not a pencil...

It's a green messenger. Our multi award winning plantable pencils write a different kind of story. It's the story of how sustainable change can be made through small innovations. And of how small steps, made together, lead to big outcomes. Here at Sprout, we make a difference by rethinking everyday products and making them sustainable. From office supplies to makeup, our products are green messengers that create awareness and start a journey to positive change.

On a path to growth?

Sprout pencils are great carriers of sustainable messages. Find out more about how our custom-engraved Sprout pencils can help your company grow.