At Sprout, we wish to give back – and it makes perfectly sense to give to the world’s common future – our children.

We believe that children should have access to education, learning, and playing – also agreed in the Children’s Rights Convention (Stated by the UN).

These 3 elements go hand in hand with our Sprout pencil.

Why donate Sprout pencils?

  • With a Sprout pencil, the child can actively participate in school.
  • He or she can write or color with a magic pencil that can turn into a plant.
  • When the pencil has become too short, the child can plant the stub and grow his or her own herbs, vegetables or flowers.
  • While watching the pencils sprout, we are planting seeds in the mind of the children. Seeds of hope and knowledge about nature and how to recycle more.

Education has an important role to play in making children –and grownups aware of how to live more sustainable lifestyles. We support the Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the UN. By focusing on Quality Education (SDG # 4) we wish to support children´s motivation to learn and play, and inspire to a more sustainable mindset for both children and adults. 

You can get involved

There are 3 ways you can help us:

  • You can share this message
  • Nominate a children’s home on our site
  • Buy a pack of pencils

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We believe that a green company is one that not only strives for sustainability but takes a step beyond to try and create positive change. At Sprout sustainability is all about using the earth’s resources as best as possible. Our products have two purposes, therefore giving the products a long life cycle. For Sprout it is essential that we are reducing negative impacts while also keeping an equal focus on identifying opportunities to increase positive impacts not only for people but that which is particularly prevalent to the environment.


Our vision is to help reduce the world’s use of resources and promote sustainability – in relation to production, green consumer products, and business. We aim to be a world leader in the area of green, sustainable consumer products.


We want to make sustainability concrete, fun and easy to use. When a school class plants pencils that turn into plants the concept of “sustainability” suddenly becomes more tangible for the children to understand what it is! When a company, organization, or municipality gives away Sprout pencils, instead of traditional company pens, the gesture is highly symbolic.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”


It is important for Sprout to be transparent in all we do, especially in the value chain. We work hard to ensure our responsible Supply Chain management. We are committed to communicate clearly what, how, and why we do what we do. As a UN Global Compact member, we are committed to communicate this in our Communication On Programs (COP) report every year. This involves how we source our materials, manufacturing, work processes, and distribution. We make sure to convey clearly what these elements involve.


Sprout products are authentic and original. These are key values to us. Our flagship green product The Sprout Pencil is orginal because nothing else you write with has a dual function like this pencil. You can plant it when it is too short to write with and the pencil turns into either flowers, vegetables or herbs. We are constantly designing and developing new, original, and green products. Sprout, as a company, and our products are authentic. Being an authentic product means being the original, not a false copy. In order to protect our originality, we make sure that all our products are patented.


Creative and stylish products – a result of innovative ideas, great design and simplicity. Our products are simple and fun to use. The Sprout pencil demonstrates that sustainable products are not over-sophisticated, neither in terms of production nor function. It is also vital that Sprout’s products are functional. They should preferably have two purposes and have a high degree of usability. Sprouts products are for everyone; children, young people, parents and grandparents. They can be a focal point in communities, among family, friends, collegues, businesses and events.


Our mission is to market Sprout products in a straightforward and comprehensible way, showing the world what sustainability can look like. We want to contribute towards greater awareness and education on sustainability. We do this through strategic partnerships with national and international educational institutions.


Our vision is to help reduce the world’s use of resources and promote sustainability – in relation to production, green consumer products, and business. We aim to be a world leader in the area of green, sustainable consumer products.


March 1st. 2016 Sprout joined the world’s largest CSR corporate citizenship initiative; UN Global Compact.

We wish to show our commitment to internalize the UN Global Compact’s ten principles within Sprouts strategies, policies and operations. We are in the midst of conducting our CSR policy. Also our Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct are scheduled to be finalised end 2016.