Alpine Strawberry

Alpine Strawberry, or "Wild Strawberry”, produces sweet and beautiful berries a little smaller than those you can buy in stores. The taste is far more intense and authentic than the classic large strawberries, making them perfect to use in cakes, salads or just eating fresh as a delicious treat.

Wild strawberries grow naturally in several countries. It’s a perennial plant, meaning it can produce strawberries for many years and its adorable little white flowers are bee-friendly.

Adult plants easily tolerate freezing temperatures. They thrive best in unexposed and woody areas, or a shady spot in the garden or on a terrace, and they are good for growing in pots.

The seeds are tiny and it’s important not to stick the pencil too far into the soil when planting it. The small sprouts develop slowly and can advantageously be watered with a sprayer, making sure to keep soil and pencil moist during germination.



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