SproutWorld and the 12,000 trees project


SproutWorld and the Polish State Forests


SproutWorld has signed an agreement with the Polish State Forests (the only company outside of Poland to do so) – to purchase a 1.4 – hectare plot of idle land (equivalent to two football fields) that’s close to the German border.


Around 12,000 trees will be planted in 2023, with the work of prepping the soil starting in March 2023. The plot is designated as a mixed coniferous forest and will be afforested with species such as pine, birch, spruce, oak, and others. Additionally, biogenetic species like rowan and crab apple, will be introduced.


We are part of the “Forest Carbon Farms” project. Through this project, new forestry will be planted to absorb CO2, store water, produce oxygen, and contribute to greater biodiversity for various forest species. In the future, part of these trees will be harvested and dedicated to ecological and certified sustainable wood production.

SproutWorld can contribute to both a natural and climatic function by protecting and restoring degraded forests and promoting afforestation.


Is there a lack of trees in Poland?

100 years ago, forests covered 40% of Poland, but after World War II, this figure stood at just 21%. Since then, the state has focused on replanting, and today, the country has reached 29% and is aiming for 33% by 2050. Today, Poland is one of the most ambitious in Europe regarding conserving forests and afforestation. It’s of great inspiration to other countries.

How did this project start?

At SproutWorld, we’re always looking for strategic sustainability projects to support, and because the wood for our pencils comes from Poland, I had the idea to reach out to the Polish State Forests to see if we could collaborate somehow. Luckily, they came back with a positive answer.

They informed me of their Carbon Forest Farms project. This project involves inviting Polish companies to plant a certain number of trees every year.

Why are you proud of this project?

Because we give back to the area that we take trees from. And, because we’re part of a bigger project with other companies, this proves to me what we’ve always said at SproutWorld: small things make big things grow. Together we can make a difference.

I’m also proud that we’re the only non-Polish company to participate in the project. I felt honored when I went to Poland in Autumn 2021 to receive the certificate proving our purchase of a piece of land with the sole purpose of planting trees to absorb CO2.


On 9th November 2021, Sidsel Ramussen traveled to Warsaw to participate in a ceremony where she recieved the “plant a forest” certificate on behalf of SproutWorld.


The area, Mieszkowice close to the German border, from above.

What message do you want to send with this project?

Imagine that all companies did something similar. If everyone made a small contribution, where would that leave the planet? In a much better place, I think!


Does it make a difference to plant 12,000 new trees in Poland?

Every newly planted tree is better than no tree. The easiest thing would be to give up and be too overwhelmed by the climate crisis, thinking that you’re too small to make an impact.
12,000 trees do have an effect on CO2 absorption, but the most important thing is that this is part of a much greater project with hundreds of thousands of new trees. Furthermore, this is not a one-off for us, it’s just the beginning, and we plan to purchase more land and plant more trees.

Sidsel Rasmussen, Sustainability Director at SproutWorld