//Botanic Kids Box
  • Sprout Kids Mindful Kit
  • tasty gardens
  • Sprout Pencil Sharpener

Botanic Kids Box

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Botanic Kids Box

Includes the following Sprout products:

  • Organic Color Pencils – Pack of 8
  • Sprout Kids Mindfuld Coloring Book
  • Sprout Wood Pencil Sharpener
  • 3 Tiny Gardens
  • Two Drawstring Bags
  • Sprout Pencil Case

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Botanic Kids Box

Botanic Kids Box contains our Sprouting:
Organic Colour Pencils Pack of 8, Sprout Pencil Sharpener, Sprout Kids Mindful Coloring Book, 2 Drawstring Bags (one for you & one to Give Away), 3 Tasty Gardens and finally our Sprout Pencil Case.

Facts about the Sprout Pencil :

  • Contains a capsule with non GMO and pesticide-free seeds in the end. When the capsule gets in contact with soil and water, your pencil starts to sprout.
  • High quality pencils from sustainably harvested cedar wood and assembled by hand.
  • 100% natural components – no lead or toxics.
  • The Sprout Pencil is patented worldwide.
  • Produced and packed in USA and Europe under decent working conditions.
  • The perfect gift for both adults and kids.
  • Can be planted both indoor and outdoor.

Sprout Kids Mindful Coloring Book:

Sprout Kids Mindful Coloring Book is a collection of mindful drawings to calm the  mind and unfold your creativity. The measurements of the colouring book are: 19,5 x 25,5 cm.
The coloring book contains:

  • 14 mindful drawings.
  • 24 funny stickers of our veggie buddies.
  • Did you know.. facts on each page.

Facts about our Sprouting Tasty Gardens

  • The Sprout Tasty Garden box is made from paper that comes from sustainably harvested woods
  • The design is cool and decorating
  • The box contains a 100% biodegradable hemp mat instead of soil. The hemp mat makes germination fast and gives no taste or texture to the sprouts.
  • Just water the hemp mat and spread the seeds over the mat. Place on a sunny spot and water regularly. Within 5-10 days your micro greens are ready to eat.
  • The packaging of the Tasty Gardens is done by people with special needs.
  • Micro greens contain lots of vitamins and have a delicious taste
  • There are 5 different varieties: basil, broccoli, sunflower, radish and cress.

Sprout Pencil Sharpener

Our pencil sharpener is made of wood, and you can use it to sharpen you Sprout Pencil before use.

Sprout Pencil Case

Our Pencil Case is made of 100% recycled fiber. It is perfect to store your Sprouting pencils, both at school and at home or work. You can also use the Case for other purposes like planting a Pencil and watch it sprout – only add soil.
Don´t throw your pencil stub away when it is too short to write with. Give it a new life – plant it! This is what sustainability is all about.

Sprout Drawstring Bag

Our Reusable, Eco friendly Drawstring Bags are made of jute, the golden fiber of nature. Jute is totally biodegradable plant based fiber. Our vision is to protect our environment from the use of plastic bags. Now we are spreding our Sprouting vision with thise amazing Eco Friendly Bags.

The Environmental benefits of jute fiber:

Jute fibre is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly. A hectare of jute plants consumes about 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tonnes of oxygen. Cultivating jute in crop rotations enriches the fertility of the soil for the next crop. Jute also does not generate toxic gases when burnt.

Make it sprout

It is important for us to provide your the best sprouting experiences. We have therefore carefully chosen high quality and non-gmo seeds with a high germinate guarantee.

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