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Urban Garden

Neighbours are great – both the human and plant kind of neighbours – or how to make a raised bed and fill it with plats.

Get rid of Aphids

Sick of having aphids in your plants? Read about how to get rid of them here in this blogpost. What is aphids? [...]

Sprout Pencil – Plant guide

Sprout Pencil comes in many different varieties including herbs, veggies and flowers. All plants have been carefully chosen to give you the best growing experience at home.

Grow your own basil

Don’t you just love the taste and smell of basil? When I smell basil I think of summer, pizza and juicy tomatoes with mozzarella and olive oil – lazy days with friends and family!

How to get rid of spider mites

How to get rid of spider mites. Our hot peppers have got spider mites. How do I know? Well, the most reliable symptom is the fine. We try to get rid of them in this blogpost.

How to grow your wild strawberries

You can grow them in your garden or in a container on your patio. They are perfect as cover plants in your container garden as they like partly shade.

Planning your garden

We have 4 raised beds made from old pallet frames. They are about 80 x 120 cm each. And I am of course going to grow all our pencils and our seeded paper.

Get rid of fruit flies

Aaarrrggghhh! We have got fruit flies and we don’t like it! Despite our aim to be nice and all-embracing people – we must admit [...]

How to transplant Cherry Tomato plants

Grow your own this year and learn how to transplant cherry tomato - it is very easy you just need to see this technique.

How to make flower pots

You can buy a lot of really nice containers and flower pots to grow your own plants, but if you like to grow many plants from seeds, it may be a good idea to look for cheaper alternatives.

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